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CZNews Archive

The Castle ZCube was originally founded on February 4, 2001. The below news archive starts from the revised Castle ZCube, created in early December 2001. 

12/16/2001 - Hello all. You probably have noticed that a lot of things have changed since the last update. The links to the left have been remodeled a bit, and in my opinion they look a lot better. Important note: This site may be down for a time because of some problems with the Tripod server, where this site is located. However, any problems should be fixed pretty quickly. As always, you can voice your opinion about the new cell-shaded Zelda game. Since the announcement of the cell-shaded game, there have been many Internet petitions popping up, to get Nintendo to stop the cartoon idea. Honestly, though, I doubt that they will work. Can anything be done to get Nintendo to change their mind? My answer is nothing; but what do you think? 

12/12/2001 - There may be a change in my e-mail in the coming days but for right now, continue to send me your comments, suggestions, and questions about Zelda Cube and this site to Zelda Cube news is still slow, but if anything gets out, you'll find it here. And, as always, the debate about the new cell-shading style of Zelda continues on. Thanks for visiting. 

12/09/2001 - Welcome! The Castle ZCube is now part of the GameScanner Top 10 Zelda gaming sites. If you like this site, then feel free to vote. Thanks. Added a section today for Links to other sites around the Internet that you might find interesting. As always, e-mail me with your comments, questions, and suggestions. About the message board: Should I keep it or perhaps move to an ezBoard or somewhere else? So far there haven't been any problems there. Zelda Cube news continues to be slow, but still check back for more updates in the coming time.


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