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In this section of the Castle ZCube, any news having to do with the site, Zelda GameCube, or video games in general will be posted. 

12/16/2001 - Experiencing problems with Tripod? The Tripod server has been malfunctioning lately, causing the fall of many Tripod sites, including this one at times. Any problems in their server will probably be fixed soon, however I have no control over the amount of time that it will take. 

12/16/2001 - About the Castle ZCube e-mail account - Right now the correct e-mail to send in your comments and questions to this site is This will not change unless I cannot fix some problems that I have been having with Hotmail lately. If I change the address, it will be posted on this site immediately and all links will be changed. For right now, use Thanks. Note: If any of you still have any of my old e-mails saved, remember that they no longer work.

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