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The Change To Cell-Shading:

Good or Bad?


The debate continues on.

Nintendo has completely changed the look of Zelda for GameCube. What was once an epic 3-D adventure is now a cell-shaded cartoon. The question lives on: Is this change a good thing or a bad thing?

Could the game still be good? Of course it could. But it more than likely won't be the game that everyone expected, which is pretty frustrating to some people.

On one side, it can be considered wrong of Nintendo to get all our hopes up for the incredible 3-D masterpiece they showed us at SpaceWorld 2000 and then to completely scrap the idea, even if they do know what they are doing. In my mind, they didn't give the original game proposal much of a chance.

But on the other side, it can also be considered wrong to judge a game so quickly because of how it looks, and that's all we know about Zelda Cube right now. We don't know most of the characters, or any of the storyline so far, which are also very important in a game.

What do you think? Good idea or a bad idea? The debate will rage on until the game, whatever it turns out to be, is finally released. E-mail me your comments at and I will post them here.


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